Hi blog friends! How have you been?!  What started out as short (and unintended!) break from blogging turned into a rather exteeeeeeended blogging break.

So, here’s the low-down on what is going on at Becky Bakes.

Good news. The first trimester is over and I can actually consume food like a (relatively) normal human being again. It’s lovely.

Good news. While I’ve missed you, I have really enjoyed cooking and baking (when not nauseous) just for me. And, you know, family and friends. I don’t have to measure…or photograph, every recipe! Don’t get me wrong…I’m one of those odd ducks who gets a kick out taking pictures of food. But then again, sometimes it’s nice to just….not.

Bad news. I’ve enjoyed taking a break from blogging so much that I’ve decided to make it permanent….or at least semi-permanent. I would hate to close the door entirely since I’ve so enjoyed sharing recipes with all of you. For now though, I’m going to be focusing on more fully devoting my attention to some other important areas. Like welcoming baby number 5 to the family this year. Homeschooling my kiddos. Possibly moving to a new home. You know, life stuff:-)

Meanwhile, Becky Bakes will be around for awhile yet. I’ll be sure to let you know if I decide to close down the site so you can print any favorite recipes (O.K. Mom?)!

Thanks so much for visiting. I have really enjoyed sharing this food passion with you!



I have cranberries on my mind after yesterday’s Cranberry Almond Clafouti. I love eating seasonally! This Acorn Squash with Walnuts and Cranberries looks right up my alley.  Beautiful and delicious!

This would be perfect for Thanksgiving! Not that I’m planning for that yet;-) What do you think? Head on over to Let the Baking Begin! to score the recipe.



Cranberry Almond Clafouti {gluten-free}

October 29, 2012
cranberry clafouti 1 2 770x550  Cranberry Almond Clafouti {gluten-free}

Clafouti. Say that ten times fast. Dare ya. Yes. I tried. Apparently, I have extra time on my hands. If you’ve never eaten a clafouti, you should! The French really know their desserts:-) Doesn’t this look delicious? I made this last week and I’m tempted to make it again. It still looks good, even today, [...]

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Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Pie

October 25, 2012
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pie 1 770x550  Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Pie

Oh man. You guys, this pie is so good!! I made this to share with friends and it is a goooood thing because I could have eaten the whole thing by. my. self. I am such a sucker for sweet and salty. And chocolate. This pie is pretty much the best of all worlds. See [...]

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Tuesday Temptation – Waffles!

October 23, 2012
Apple Cider Waffles DSC 07091  Tuesday Temptation – Waffles!

I don’t have a waffle maker. Which, really, makes no sense considering how much I love breakfast foods. I had one several years ago. I have a vague recollection of throwing it out in a fit of frustration. Probably because it didn’t heat very well. And it seemed that no matter what I did the [...]

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Apple-Cranberry Crisp with Walnut-Oat Streusel and Maple Whipped Cream

October 18, 2012
cranberry apple crisp 1 770x550  Apple-Cranberry Crisp with Walnut-Oat Streusel and Maple Whipped Cream

See that plate up there? The one with the most delicious fall dessert ever on it? That, my friends, was my most memorable food moment yesterday. Well, that, and the fantastically amazing omelet my hubby made me at 10 o’clock last night when I told him I was starving. What a guy. Wait….am I the [...]

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