Boy or Girl?

Big things on the horizon! Well, big for me at least. Tomorrow is ultrasound day! I’m so excited to see this little one…and equally excited to find out whether we will be adding another little man, or another sweet girl, to our brood. Can you begin calling them a brood when you’re having your fourth? I would have to say yes. Anyway, hopefully this little one won’t be shy about letting us know his (her?) gender. I also turn another year older tomorrow. Which I’m not particularly excited nor distressed about.

Another exciting thing? My blog is having a little makeover! My sis-in-law (aka – blog designer) was over today and we spent a little time talking, and working on, bloggy things. She is so wonderful about putting up with my whims. I told her it was even better than rearranging my furniture. Not as much heavy lifting and the husband can save his “you’re such a girl” (um, yeah) comment for another time;-) Keep an eye out for a few more tweaks here and there through the weekend!

So, in honor of it being ultrasound week I baked something blue and something pink. Clever, right? Feel free to think I’m a big cheeseball. I’m O.K. with it. I’ll post the winning recipe sometime this weekend. Will it be pink….or blue?

Here are the contenders. For the blue team we have “It’s a Boy!” Blueberry Buckle. I’ve been making this recipe for years and it turns out deliciously every time.

Next up? “It’s a Girl!” Raspberry Cream Pie. It’s fluffy and light and sweet.



What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment and give me your best guess! I’ll let you know soon…..


  1. Leetha says

    OMG they both look Yummy but we are huge blueberry fans in my house so I’m going with the blue team.

  2. Megan Lawson says

    Oh be a boy! That blueberry goodness looks gooood! I’ve been looking for a yummy and quick breakfast I can take with me on my way out to school! This looks great! :)

  3. Eric T says

    I sure hope its a girl! But it would be nice to have another guy in the world. Especially one that enjoys baking.

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